The 10 Ways of the

10 Ways of the Modern Superman

At SPEAR, we are on a quest to train the most extraordinary men in the world. What should he be able to do? How does he think? What philosophies does he live by? Below is a list of 10 vital qualities for success–on every level.

1.He Takes Full Responsibility

The Modern Superman takes full responsibility for himself and his actions. This is the single most important factor in determining a man’s success- do they own themselves and their role in creating their lives? No one forces men to drink, to eat poor foods, or to spend his time watching tv. You are responsible for creating positive habits and lifestyles.

The modern superman projects no blame in his heart and tolerates no excuses in himself for why he is not on his path. He is ruthless with himself because he knows the truth that HE is creating his life. He doesn’t blame others for his faults. He doesn’t blame society for forcing him to take a job he hated–HE made that choice. No one else. He doesn’t blame his wife or girlfriend for forcing him to do anything–HE is responsible for his actions and creating his reality.

2. Learns to Desire Intensely

The modern Superman is alive with DESIRE. While most men suppress their emotions, his passions are channeled and expressed. Ask most men what they want and they can’t tell you. They might say a new car or a better job, but the truth is that they have blocked out the part of them that desires deeply. Unmet desires require feeling, and it can feel painful. But, to desire is revel in life itself, to fully engage. Men who know how to want are men that bring color to the world.

3. He Masters his Physical Health

The modern superman takes care of his health and fitness first. When things get busy, he does not sacrifice himself on the altar of his to-do list, he prioritizes his daily training rituals and consumes a healthy diet. When everything else is going crazy around him, he has a rock solid foundation of physical health for support.

4. He Adds Value First

The modern superman adds value to his friends, family, and the world. He shows up with a card, a gift, a six pack, a compliment, or a piece of advice. He orients himself in terms of what he can give to others. He knows that his financial and emotional well-being will be taken care of because he masters the skill of adding value. He can approach successful people with confidence because he knows he will add value and make himself an asset.

5. He Has a daily mindfulness practice

The modern superman has a daily practice of meditation, intention setting, or visualization–he does not skip this practice come rain, sleet, or hail. This is his psychological anchor into what is really important, and for this reason, he does not freak out or take his emotions out on others irresponsibly–he handles his inner well-being every single day. This allows him to be a calm in the storm and to see what other men fail to see in difficult situations. He looks into his own heart and the hearts of others to find the causes of what is going on. He is fully present.

6. He Channels Anger Effectively

We all experience anger in life. Learning about corrupt governments, unfair treatment of others, or simply getting talked down to by our manager at work can make us pissed–and rightfully so. The modern superman is FULLY in touch with his anger. It is a tool for him, a source of drive, but it does not rule him. He rules his anger, and takes his pain and frustration with him to the gym and FULLY expresses it. He takes the pain that the world inflicts upon him and uses it to propel his projects and ventures, never once projecting that anger on some innocent bystander. He wields it like a sword–and knows when to keep it in his scabbard.

7. He Knows he is not Separate

The modern superman doesn’t isolate himself from the world. He has accepted that we are all connected and that we will succeed or fail as a group. He walks across the street and sees the old lady as HIS grandma. He sees the young kid at the cashier as HIS younger brother. He allows his self-concept to be bigger than himself.

8. He Takes on Responsibility

The modern superman puts himself in leadership roles because he knows it is a great way to grow. He takes on jobs and projects that help him evolve, and in the process of growth, he will inherently increase his personal value. He does not shy away from responsibility–in fact, he craves the feeling that others depend on him because that empowers him to add value and be a rock for his people.

9. He Has a Team

While the modern superman puts a lot on his shoulders, he does not do it alone. He has a team that works as hard as he does, and that he can trust. These are the people that he connects with over the years that live their lives with integrity and that understand the importance of working together. He cultivates and motivates this team through social engagements, group projects, and mastermind groups like the one’s within SPEAR.

10. He Faces Death

Every day, the modern superman orients himself around this truth: He is going to die. He knows the fleeting nature of life, and like the Samurai of old, he contemplates death to sober him and focus him on what really matters. With this wisdom, he lives his life as a young man with the wisdom of an old man, and he both dominates his path and uplifts those around him. This is the way of modern supermen.


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