David Beaudry-Why SPEAR?

Why did you decide to be a part of SPEAR?

From an early age, I had visions of being a part of a team and brotherhood of teachers and visionaries that would help change humanity and heal the planet. Growing up as a child and young man I struggled with depression and doubt, not knowing how to fit into society. I felt there was a deeper calling within my soul and I knew I had to dedicate myself to finding my purpose. There were times I felt lost, confused and alone. My life changed when I met my first mentor that helped guide, direct and uncover the deeper gifts within my being. I got in touch with my Hero’s Journey, and could see how the pain and tribulations I went through helped fortify my heart and mind. This guidance was of paramount importance because it lead me to have a deeper compassion for myself and my fellow brothers and sisters who all go through the inevitable suffering of human existence.

I have joined SPEAR because I want to give back to others and be surrounded by a group of men dedicated to integrity, honor and living a life of purpose. I see the need for a new form of leadership and community that is not based on the old paradigm of success, rather a brotherhood that uplifts and holds us accountable to a higher standard of ourselves. If you are reading this then your soul is sending you a message to face yourself honestly and decide what kind of life you want to create.

What makes you excited about SPEAR?

The reason I’m so stoked about SPEAR is it hits a direct cord into the heart of men all over the world. The statistics of men dropping out of school, and not attending college are a sign that our current system of education is failing miserably. What’s being called for is a full spectrum education that enables you to uncover your own deeper gifts and teaches you the skills needed to thrive in a changing world. What I believe sets SPEAR apart from other programs is the dedication, community, and accountability that helps you stay motivated to fulfill your dreams.

What are you bringing to the table?

Each one of us has a unique essence that is undeniable. It is your birthright to share the magic and medicine that is within your soul. My intention is to empower you through direct experience, practice, and reflection. We will utilize the time-tested spiritual practices from ancient wisdom traditions combined with modern neuroscience to master the art of meditation, develop your intuitive superpowers and awaken your True Nature.

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