Simon Sutton- Why Spear?

Why I decided to be a part of SPEAR?

SPEAR kind of decided for me. I happen to have become friends with Alex Fairman and his infectious energy. During our time together in Malta, he shared many visions with me, including his music talent and dream to create a 21st Century Men’s Training Program. But like all creative pioneering people, Alex was also developing other projects and had just started up a music band while producing an album he had been working on for some time. And then one day he met me for tea and started sharing this education idea again and said, “Si, would you be up for standing in front of the camera and doing a few test videos? Of course, I agreed. After this spark of energy, Alex was set to leave Malta and head home to the US. He said he would look at what we recorded and call me soon. Some time passed and then we had a script, and I was asked to record some professional videos sharing my insights and experience on “transparent communication”. He told me he had also been working behind the scenes and had spoken to a number of his friends and associates who may also be part of SPEAR. His contagious energy was alive once more and I could feel SPEAR was continuing to birth. One thing has led to another, but I cannot share everything in this short post; let’s just say Alex has continued like a true leader to navigate and persevere against all odds to bring this dream of SPEAR to the world.

What makes me excited about SPEAR?

The possibilities and potential of what can be achieved when a group of like-minded souls come together with a common purpose and collective vision to serve something greater than themselves. I have personally seen the flaws in education and while there are many new ways of educating emerging online and in society, on the whole, things are still moving slowly. The internet has opened up such an extensive amount of open sourced information but at times, it’s all just online and talking heads. What SPEAR is working towards is creating active communities that help one another thrive. SPEAR’s mission is to empower Men to become whole beings aligned to their true purpose while serving that which is greater than themselves. SPEAR for me is more an answer to humanities cry for help on all levels.

What am I bringing to the table?

I am bringing my truth, open heart, vulnerability and passion for transparent communication. I am bringing myself wholeheartedly to the arena to support other Men in becoming the best they can be; so that they feel supported and encouraged when stepping into their greatness on all levels. So we Men as a collective can rise as guardians of mother earth and that means all mothers, all women. So we men can soften and fall in love with ourselves so that we know what it means to truly love and from that space of love; ACT with compassion and empathy. It’s my dedication daily to live aligned to my deepest meaning and core values while walking with full integrity and impeccability to my word. Our word has power and it’s high time there were some real superheroes in the real life movie playing out right this second. That movie is called LIFE. Buckle up people SPEAR is in town.

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