The  personal growth program our young men need.

  • Do you want to boost the scores, metrics, and life outcomes for your male student population?
  • Are you frustrated with short attention spans, instant gratification mindsets, and poor work ethic in your men?
  • Are you ready to provide your young men with the mentorship and role models that will inspire them?
  • Are you ready to equip your men with the skills and empathy for real world success that lie outside of the A-G Curriculum?
  • Are you ready to give your young men the gift of a culture of empowerment, support, and personal excellence?

Are you ready for SPEAR?

Developing human potential is our passion. That’s why our training model is based on a ‘whole person approach’, integrating body, emotions, and intellect.


This system was developed over a five year period with the help of experts and thought leaders from a variety of disciplines. SPEAR not only cultivates academic and
professional excellence, but also provides the greater pieces of the puzzle that are so often missing from young men’s lives.

SPEAR will teach a man to find his higher purpose, define his true values, and plan out his life
as a masterpiece in the making. We take our students
through a host of different workshops and skills trainings needed for success in the modern world.

Every man who completes SPEAR Training will be equipped to perform at high levels and give his unique gifts to the world.

More importantly, SPEAR is a peer group
of motivated men who keep each other sharp and
accountable. SPEAR teaches integrity, follow-through,
and the principles of behavior that help men achieve
a higher level of excellence in every area of life…and
we make sure that every step of the journey is fun and

SPEAR Responds to the Crisis our Young Men Face

Our Young Men are in Trouble.
Across America, our young men are struggling to achieve personally and professionally.
From an early age, men are glued to screens, playing video games, watching pornography, eating poor foods, declining in health, and struggling to find meaning and purpose in this modern world.

How It Works

Our Trainers will provide:
  • Daily Live and Virtual Classes helping your men master the game of life
  • Give your men Access to the SPEAR Online academy where they can develop their financial IQ, leadership skills, and so much more.
  • Immersive workshop experiences on up to 4 Saturdays per semester
  • Gear and Rewards for exceptional student performance

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