Find your Voice. Share your message.

In order to be a great communicator, you have to discover what you truth really is, and stop running from it.

SPEAR will help you find that truth and step into your abilities as a public speaker and a writer.

Speak your Truth.

Crush your bad speaking habits

We will turn you into a polished speaker, and through our practice forum, we will help you cut out the umms, the likes, and the fidgeting that gets in the way of your ability to captivate a room.

Uncover the Lies

We all lie. Usually this is to protect those we care about or prevent ourselves from feeling pain. In this training, you will go deep into discovering your truth and stepping into your full power.

Share your Story

You are here to be a leader. Through a writing practice, we will show you how to tell your own story in a way that is empowering and that brings forth the best of who you are.

Trainer : Simon Sutton


“To know and not to do, is not yet to know”

Simon, author of “Burglar to Buddha”, actor, motivational speaker, workshop leader and transformational coach urges humanity to stop lying and start loving. His passion for revolutionary dialogues has brought him to a new way of relating to one another called “Transparent Communication”. Simon is infamous for the joy and laughter he brings to workshops, presentations and speeches by enabling people to laugh away their drama and sorrow.