Financial Education

Build Wealth. Achieve Financial Freedom.

Ordinary school failed to teach us about the game of money.

SPEAR is going to teach you to multiply your money, think like the rich, and create a gameplan to financial freedom.

Build wealth, inside and out.

Financial Education

In a world driven by money, it is insane to think that high schools and college teach nothing about it. In SPEAR you will get a full understanding of the game of money.

Leave the Rat Race

We are going to help you lay out a plan to financial freedom, give you access to the tools, spreadsheets, and resources we use ourselves, and coach you towards building a portfolio that sets you free.

Think like the Rich

Expand your means, don’t live within them. Not all debt is bad. Don’t get a job, own assets. We will teach you to think with a wealth building mentality.