Global Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Train your mind.

We are going to give you an education on the real world.

This is not your high school history class.

SPEAR intelligence will make you an informed citizen of earth. As we dive deep into understanding the challenges of the modern age, analyzing the trends of where everything is going, we will be giving you a critical edge over those who believe what they hear on the news.

Understand the Time in which you live.

Emerging Trends

SPEAR curates a special news feed with reliable information sources that let us know what is really going on earth.

The Great Works List

We curate a special list of the greatest books in a variety of areas, so you can dive right into learning what you need to know.

Learn Mental Jiujitsu

In an age information overload, most of the ideas we have haven’t been tested or questioned. We will teach you how to think for yourself.

Trainer : Alexander Fairman


“Reality is not a fixed thing; it is a story we are telling ourselves. Our job is to make that story an inspiring one.”Alexander Fairman

Alexander Fairman is an educational innovator, entrepreneur, and strategic thinker who is dedicated to equipping the next generation for success. Having majored in International Relations, Global Business, and speaking 3 languages (including Mandarin Chinese), Alex understands the changing nature of the world, and is excited to propel members of SPEAR into leadership roles through his training and coaching.