Life Mastery

Systems, success habits, and a competitive edge.

Your mindsets determine your results. Your habits determine your effectiveness. It’s time to master the finer details of your life—because you are here to do big things.



Master yourself.

Build success mindsets and habits

We take our cues from the best. Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, and Tim Ferris will be your guides in developing your inner game.

Unlock your  higher purpose

We will help you to find and actualize your life’s higher purpose —and use it to drive your destiny forward.

The Little Things are the Big things

In life, how we do the small things is how we do the big things. In SPEAR Training, you will be tested to keep your word and strengthen your integrity.

Trainer : Alexander Fairman


“The little things are the big things.” Alexander Fairman

Alexander Fairman is an educational innovator, entrepreneur, and strategic thinker who is dedicated to equipping the next generation for success. Having majored in International Relations, Global Business, and speaking 3 languages (including Mandarin Chinese), Alex understands the changing nature of the world, and is excited to propel members of SPEAR into leadership roles through his training and coaching.