Mindfulness Training

Develop a Daily Practice. Activate your intuition.

“80% of the Top Performers I have interviewed have a meditation or mindfulness practice”
– Tim Ferris

It’s 2015, and more and more scientific evidence is emerging about the benefits of spiritual disciplines like meditation and visualization. That’s why members of SPEAR learn these skills from expert trainers and apply them in their lives.

During busy, stressful times, we use these practices to return us to equilibrium, make better decisions, and release unnecessary stress.  Regardless of what religion you follow or belief you hold, a mindfulness practice is a universally beneficial practice that opens you to your intuition, your inner gifts, and connectedness to all of life.

It’s time to awaken the force within you.

Develop your superpowers.

Develop Laser- like focus

Quiet your mental chatter, and learn to develop your ‘inner sanctuary’ as you block out distractions, release negative thoughts, and build presence.

Activate your intuition

Your subconscious mind is processing ten times the amount of information that your conscious mind is, and by learning a spiritual discipline, you will begin to tap into your inner genius that already knows what you need to do.

Build your practice

Through our intensive training, you will study the great spiritual traditions from across the earth, learn their practices, and choose the one that suits you.

Trainer : David Beaudry


Intuition is the language of light through which men and God intercommunicate.” Walter Russell

David Beaudry is a master trainer and guide for integrating movement mastery and personal evolution. As an Evolutionary Cross Trainer he combines wisdom of Chinese medicine, psychology, breath-work, qigong, nutrition, strength training and coaching for peak performance. He has his Masters in Medical Qigong, leads workshops across the US and has worked with Olympic athletes, professional boxers and currently trains private clients in Oakland, CA.