Virtue and Character

Love isn’t something you find. It’s a practice.

Developing your character is the most important thing in our training. Followthrough on your word, be there for others, and make the world a better place.

It’s time to be the change we want to see in the world.

Love thy neighbor.

Serve those around you

Get your eyes off yourself. You are just one man, living on a remote planet, in a remote galaxy, living a short life that is over before you know it. Spend it giving to others.

Learn the types of love

The Greeks understood there were many types of love. Understanding the human heart and it’s complexities will make you a better friend, lover, and human being.

Heal your relationships

We are going to challenge you to heal your relationship with your father. We are going to push you to forgive yourself for your own weakness. We are going to test you to love your woman with your whole heart. That’s what real power is.

Trainer : The Whole Team

“Love thy neighbor as thyself”

There is no single trainer for virtue. The whole SPEAR Team will challenge you to look deeper within yourself and ask yourself :

How can I grow emotionally?

How can I show up better for those around me?

How can make the world a better place?


This is what SPEAR is all about.