Meet the Team

We have assembled the best trainers and coaches to help take you to the next level. During your SPEAR Training, these pioneers will be committed to your success and here to propel you to excellence.


Simon Sutton

Communication Mastery

As author, speaker, and coach, Simon teaches the art of transparent communication, public speaking, and challenges us to discover and live out our truth.


Alexander Fairman

Life Mastery

Entrepreneur, educational innovator, and student of human performance, Alex teaches the mastery of life through systems and strategies that empower.


Mitch Ryan

Physical Training

Mitch Ryan is an elite level sports performance Coach who coaches at one of the top 10 training facilities in the country. Mitch works with MLB, NFL, and other pro athletes at the top of their game.

David Beaudry


David Beaudry is a master trainer and guide for integrating movement and spiritual development.┬áDavid integrates eastern spiritual practices and adapts them to deliver maximum results in the modern world.┬áDavid’s clients include professional athletes in the boxing world.


John Bush

Social Skills

John Bush is a social coach that specializes in teaching people to get the most from social interactions in every area of life.With a passion for learning all things about how humans relate to one another he logged over 10,000 conversations last year alone during his personal development project to perfect charisma.